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− Message from JAFSA −
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Takazo Iigaki

Japan Association of Foreign-trade Ship Agencies, JAFSA, is affiliated with 116 companies throughout Japan.
When it was established, it consisted of general agents in Japan for foreign steamship companies, and its purpose was for general agent members.
However, further enhancement of the organization was required and JAFSA added members to sub-agents and port-related organizations in April 2004 to strengthen organization.
After that, JAFSA attended The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents, FONASBA's, annual meeting and participated its international activities.
From now on, in particular, we would like to make up for labor shortage in local port, and the concentration of cargo to port of Tokyo.
We, with the government official support and advising, want to work on the development of human resources with abundant language skills and specialized knowledge, and to solve problems such as proper allocation of human resources.
In addition, responding to the globalization of the agency industry, we continue to actively promote international activities, to further develop JAFSA.
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