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− History of JAFSA −

The history of our association originates from the establishment of "Ship Agency Council of Japan ", SACJ, by 32 companies date back in July 1965.
After that, in order to deal with the rapid appreciation of the Yen currency since 1977, the presidents of the nine major liner agents exchanged views and ideas then agreed to establishing industry group, aiming for financially sound and stable management, also for confidence building of its members.
However, establishing a new industry group means breaking down into small tasks and the limited scope of activities. Therefore SACJ was dissolved in April 26. 1978 to form as a newly established organization, JAFSA, which can discuss a wide range of business matters, comprised by 44 company members, including two of the observer members.
Currently our members are totally 116, with 73 regular members, 31 branch members, and 12 are as a supporting members. (As of April 2020)

July SACJ established
April After the progressive dissolution of SACJ, JAFSA (Association of International Shipping Agents) was launched as a new organization
April Joins FONASBA
October FONASBA Annual Meeting had be held in Japan
October Chairman Iigaki elected as FONASBA Vice President
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